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Welcome to Neoteric Summit 2024

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Embark on a global journey with Neoteric Summit to expand your horizons!

About Neoteric Summit

Neoteric Summit 2024 is a distinguished global forum uniting thought leaders, innovators, and change-makers from around the world. Embrace the spirit of collaboration and engagement as we delve into pressing global issues and seek innovative solutions. Neoteric Summit is a Global Forum for international students, graduates, and high school students, and we are coming to your country soon.

Why you should join Neoteric Summit

Neoteric Summit is created by the people, for the people. We aspire to host you at the destinations of your dreams for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Unlock Your Potential with Neoteric Summit

Change The World

Critical Thinking Skills

Diplomacy Skills

Gain Global Networking


125,345 +
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A compilation of all four editions from our esteemed conferences.

Our Parent Company


Neoterican, headquartered in Wyoming, USA, is an educational organization dedicated to offering the youth international exposure through different engaging programs. Our mission is to nurture a fresh vision in young minds, shaping them into the leaders of tomorrow. We offer a platform where young individuals immerse themselves as leaders, taking on responsibilities and collaborating to determine the best course of action for global challenges. Through our projects, we strive to impart crucial skills such as leadership, entrepreneurship, analytical thinking, problem solving, negotiation and communication.


Yes, the Neoteric Summit is a Self-Funded Conference and Participants will have to pay the Conference Fee to participate. We have three different Conference fee Packages i.e. Basic & Sepandum (Accommodation) and Zagatiya (Full Experience).

The conference fee packages do not cover the flight tickets or visa fees.

All Registration Fees are Non-Refundable. However, you may be entitled to a Credit Voucher under special circumstances if you cancel your participation a minimum 60 Days prior to Check-In.

The conference fee can be paid by direct bank transfer option ACH/International Bank Transfer, Apple Pay, Debit/Credit option.

Upon participating in our conference, our delegates will be awarded a certificate, as formal recognition of a participant's engagement and contributions. These certificates acknowledge a delegate's active involvement, diplomacy, negotiation skills, and overall performance during the conference.

Following the completion of your conference registration successfully and turning into a paying delegate, you can choose to take benefit of our team's additional visa support assistance.

Certainly, completing your registration on the website is crucial. This process links to your personal portal through the provided email, especially if you have been selected for the conference. This step involves providing personal details for hotel bookings, visa assistance, certificates, and to facilitate connections among participants.

Certainly, during the registration process, you can choose your home country for presentation at the conference. However, for the conference simulation, you might be assigned a different country to provide a challenging experience. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to showcase the most famous and favorite aspect of your country during our cultural session on the second day.

Participating at the conference offers a multitude of benefits, including the opportunity to cultivate vital relationships, take part in intercultural conversations, and hone abilities in discussions, figuring out solutions, and leadership through interactions with individuals who come from a variety of linguistic and cultural ethnic backgrounds. It is possible for attendees to effectively represent their nation's diplomatic stance on a global stage since they are supplied with a one-of-a-kind platform that allows them to work on tackling issues around the world.

Should you notify us promptly about your absence or visa rejection after making the payment, we can transfer your registration and payment to any of our upcoming programs of your preference. Please be notified that refunding the payment is not feasible, as we need to settle advance payments for hotels, vendors, tour guides, and other arrangements.

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